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Midwest Realty Group Inc. is an evolving company specializing in residential development and custom home building offering site built and system built homes. Customers wanting a larger home, or have a desire to downsize, have the flexibility to build a custom home or choose one of the many floor plans from our designers. Our Model Home located in Westfield Estates acts as the design center and is open when your schedule allows. No need to coordinate with big box store hours - this is your home and we want to make the process and experience as easy as possible for our clients!

At Midwest Realty Group Inc, we are fortunate to work with modular home manufacturers that provide numerous floor plans. Each manufacturer develops various custom "series" of homes that cover a spectrum of designs. We are confident that between the manufacturers and contractors we work with, you will find the home of your dreams!

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Ritz Craft Homes

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes is the largest family owned, off-site built modular home manufacturer in the United States. 

Ritz-Craft offers numerous floor plans and countless interior and exterior options for your home, all provided by Midwest Realty Group Inc!

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Stratford Homes

Stratford Homes has been providing custom-built homes using modular construction techniques since 1973. During this time, we've helped translate countless visions of that one perfect house into beautiful, new custom homes. 

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Custom Built or "Stick" Built

Maybe after looking through our vast collection of various modular homes from ranch style, 2-story, and lodge style homes - you decide you like a combination of all those styles?

No problem!

At Midwest Realty Group Inc. we work with many builders who can custom build your home to your exact liking. Give us a call to discuss the direction you want to go!

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How the Houses are "Put Together"...

Ever wonder how a modular home is put together? Watch the short video clip to see a home put together on site. 



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