Burlington, Iowa

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River in Southeast Iowa, the population of Greater Burlington area is 40,000, and is home to many various recreational activities - including 63 public parks, 11 golf courses and public access to lakes and rivers.

Greater Burlington area has an 88.6% cost of living index, lower than the national average, which allows you to have more purchasing power. Burlington has a diverse workforce through many different manufacturing fields and a strong healthcare system, with Great River Medical Center as the largest employer.

Burlington has 8 public schools and a growing Southeastern Community College.

In Spring of 2016 the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission completed a study on our community's housing needs. After reviewing this study Midwest Realty Group discovered the need for additional housing in the Greater Burlington area. 

burlington iowa riverfront steamboat days concert mississippi river boats people

Burlington is the home of Steamboat days- a multi-day concert event at the Port of Burlington, in downtown Burlington. 

snake alley aerial view brick road

Snake Alley - the crookedest street in the US!

jefferson street farmer's market green truck vegetables

Downtown Jefferson St. Farmer's Market

recplex aerial softball baseball fields

RecPlex hosts soccer, softball, sand volleyball, and baseball tournaments

capitol theatre red marquee gray car movies

Capitol Theatre in downtown Burlington shows movies and theatre events. 



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